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We are forerunners in enabling rural communities in South Africa to develop and implement solutions that address their socioeconomic challenges.
Unemployment, poverty and inequality are growing challenges that require timeous, creative and practical interventions – not just from the state, but from businesses, NGOs and civil society as a whole.
Collective responsibility and action is needed to grow a more prosperous and harmonious South Africa for all and everyone can play a meaningful role in addressing the problems strangling the growth and potential of the South African economy and its people. Pala Forerunners is an ideal vehicle through which this can be done. There are plenty of opportunities for the business community, government, volunteers, philanthropists, trusts, foundations, universities, and civil society to become involved.
We are a vibrant and creative organisation that has the communities’ needs at heart. We come alongside rural communities in a process that enables them to identify, prioritise and address their socioeconomic needs.
Over the past 20 years we have made a meaningful impact in remote rural areas where we are well received… and we invite you to partner us in this process.

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About Us

We are a Christian non-profit grassroots organisation that inspires and empowers rural communities. We create hope and a future through community developed and led solutions that systematically address their most pressing challenges.
The foundation of our work is our tried and tested needs analysis where virtually all the adults in a community are interviewed one on one in the comfort of their own homes to ultimately establish exactly what that community’s needs and priorities are.
To ensure the credibility of the findings, our community based interviewers are trained to establish each individual’s needs and priorities without asking any leading questions and there are checks and balances in place to ensure that this happens.
The results of the individual interviews are then consolidated for each community and formally presented to that community. Thereafter a prioritised development plan is discussed and agreed to by everyone in the community. This includes identifying the roles that various members in the community will play in implementing that development plan.
It is a plan by the people for the people and the communities find this to be a truly liberating process.




Paul de Bruyn

Paul de Bruyn - Pala Forerunners community development

Paul has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Rhodes University (1982) with majors in Business Administration, Mercantile Law and Economics of Agriculture and an AEP from UNISA (1992).
Paul lives in White River and has two children.
Paul has been intimately involved in rural socio-economic development initiatives for the past 30 years – from land rights, to water restoration programs, the establishment of market gardens, to the care of orphans and vulnerable children.
In the mid 1980’s Paul raised R98 million for low cost housing in Mpumalanga (US$110 million in today’s currency) where he established and was CEO of the KaNgwane Housing Trust.
For the next 10 to 15 years Paul is focussing on growing Pala Forerunners, its reach and impact and establishing it as a lead developmental agency in the developing world.

Piet Marimane

Paul de Bruyn - Pala Forerunners community development

Piet is married with five children, one boy and four girls and lives in the Dixie community.
Piet is a strong family man with a big heart for the less privileged. Together with Reckson Ntimane, Piet started an orphanage in his home community, Dixie.
Piet also helped the local high school to get laptops from the United States of America.
Piet is keenly aware of the rights of others and was instrumental in fighting for the land rights of the Dixie community. This case was eventually quoted in the Constitutional Court of South Africa.
Piet loves the natural environment and lives out this love as a highly qualified host and guide at one of the South Africa’s premier wildlife lodges.

Reckson Ntimane

Paul de Bruyn - Pala Forerunners community development

Reckson is married with nine children and lives in the Dixie community.
Reckson loves nature and follows his passion as a guide at one of the Sabi Sand’s top lodges.
Reckson was a key role player in the High Court case that confirmed the Dixie community’s rights to their land.
In his home community of Dixie, Reckson has been involved in sanitation initiatives, the building and funding of the Miracle Centre Church, developing the Wisani crèche and the building of the Dixie Youth Centre.

Adrian Newton – Accounting Officer

Adrian is married and lives in Nelspruit.
Adrian qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1968 in London.
He then worked in various capacities and companies in London, The Hague and in Johannesburg where he obtained his AEP from UNISA in 1982. In 1988 he was admitted as a CA (SA) and in 1986 he moved to Mpumalanga as an investigating accountant in the KaNgwane Economic Development Corporation, an organisation that focussed on the socioeconomic development of rural communities where Pala Forerunners operates.
From 1988 Adrian has been practicing as an independent accountant in White River and Nelspruit.
Adrian is convenor of the SARS/Tax Practitioners Stakeholder forum in Nelspruit and has been the Treasurer of the Rotary Club of White River for over 20 years.
Adrian has been closely involved in the Pala Forerunners initiatives for the past six years and is also the Accounting Officer of Pala Forerunners.

Forerunner Researchers and Co-ordinators

Iris Nxumalo – Research Assistant & Community Co-ordinator

Uys Sambo – Research Assistant & Community Co-ordinator

Eulleth Mdluli – Research Assistant & Community Co-ordinator

Delight Ntsako Ndlovu – Research Assistant & Community Co-ordinator








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a better south africa

Our vision is to demonstrate, document, promote and make our proven methodology available throughout southern Africa in order to bring a laser focus to socioeconomic planning and budgeting thereby boosting socioeconomic development and self-sufficiency in our rural communities.
This will lead to a better managed, better organised, more prosperous, more stable and happier South Africa.


Our mission is to demonstrate a comprehensive yet simple and easily replicable framework within which rural communities are enabled to identify their socioeconomic needs by themselves and thereafter to assist and equip them to address those needs.
We have developed and refined our needs analysis model over the past 15 years and are now focussing on a specific geographic area comprising 58 communities where we will conduct our needs analyses. The project area is small enough for us to effectively carry out our work, but big enough in a national context to give significant direction and momentum to the future development of rural communities in South Africa.

In the project area we have identified:

  • 400 of the 500 boreholes (water wells) are no longer operational seriously compromising community health and the ability to produce fresh vegetables

  •  Around 50% of the people are malnourished

  • Thousands of orphans and vulnerable children lack proper care and nutrition

  • There are massive opportunities to develop and utilise the agricultural potential of the area – providing not just much needed nutrition but also creating employment and entrepreneurial opportunities

  • There are significant opportunities to complement and also enhance the quality and levels of education that the children receive

  • A laser focus will be brought to the overall developmental requirements of the 58 communities and this will substantially assist government with their budgeting and work priorities. It will also aid businesses operating in that area in allocating funds for their Corporate Social Investment programs


For the next three years (until the end of 2022) we are focusing our effort and years of experience into a specific geographic area to maximise the development impact and to create a developmental blueprint for the rest of South Africa.

The outer boundaries of this focus area are:

Hazyview north to Acornhoek via R538
Acornhoek east to Orpen Gate via R531
Orpen Gate south to Paul Kruger Gate
Paul Kruger Gate west to Hazyview via R536)

There are 58 communities situated in this 3 000km² focus area.
We will conduct a needs analysis in each of the 58 communities and based on our previous experience this will inter alia reveal the following:

  1. The socioeconomic development priorities for each community
  2. The skills and competencies of community members that can be employed in addressing these priorities
  3. Priorities that need to be brought to the urgent attention of government
  4. The availability and sources of water (400 out of the 500 equipped boreholes in this region are presently not operational seriously compromising community health and the ability to cultivate vegetables). There are also many water springs in these communities that should be protected and better managed as a primary source of water. There are also many dams in the area that need to be repaired and/or have their capacity restored
  5. Opportunities to complement and also enhance the quality and levels of education that the children receive
  6. The orphans and vulnerable children (OVC’s) in each community and who cares for them and whether this care is sufficient
  7. The needs of these orphans in terms of health care, nutrition, clothing, bedding schooling and home care
  8. The community members who have eyesight problems and that need assistance e.g. cataract operations or spectacles
  9. The community members that have hearing problems and that need assistance

We are working with the public and private sector, universities, NGO's, churches, volunteers, philantropists, trusts, foundations, and civil society to implement this watershed plan.
We will actively promote this methodology and plan to the rest of South Africa and assist and advise where requested.

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